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16 Beaver Group


Jun 15, 2011 - LA - Pedro Lasch Talk @ Outpost for Contemporary Art

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Dear friends and people in LA whose work I respect,

I hope you can join me at this last public event I’ll be doing during this LA visit.

If we did not get to meet and you would still have time before I go back to teach at Duke University on June 30th, please do let me know.



Social Art Practice & (De)Colonial Aesthetics (Ten Years After the WTC Attacks)

An Artist Talk & Conversation with Pedro Lasch

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6pm - 8pm

Hosted by Public Address Los Angeles

Outpost for Contemporary Art in Eagle Rock

1268 North Avenue 50

Los Angeles, CA 90042

The event is free. We will pass the hat for donations.

This two part event will begin with an artist talk bringing together three multi-year projects (Naturalizations, 2002-ongoing,  Black Mirror/Espejo Negro, 2007-2010 and Twin Towers Go Global/Phantom Limbs, 2001-2011), through their specific engagement with ideas about social art practice and decolonial aesthetics. Part two will follow with a public conversation about these two terms in relation to the major processes of change (or lack thereof) in global power structures and international art since 9/11, 2001.

Mar 23, 2011 - LA - Pedro Lasch Talk @ USC

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Dear friends and colleagues in LA,
I hope you can join me for the following talk at USC next week. If you can’t, but would like to meet while I am in town until end of June, please let me know. I would love to get to talk to you before going back to teach at Duke this Fall.
Also, I hope you can still see an exhibit at the Getty that has close ties to ideas from the Black Mirror project I will discuss. The show closes on March 27. Here is all the informations for that:

Kind regards,
Discussion with Professor and Artist Pedro Lasch on two of his
Black Mirror & Naturalizations
Wednesday March 23rd, 4-6:00 pm

Social Sciences Building (SOS) Room 250, 2nd Floor
Enter SOS in this map:
Open to the public

PRESS RELEASE: International Fall Book Launches and Exhibitions for ‘Black Mirror / Espejo Negro’ by Pedro Lasch

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PRESS RELEASE: International Fall Book Launches and Exhibitions for ‘Black Mirror / Espejo Negro’ by Pedro Lasch

NOTA DE PRENSA: Lanzamiento Internacional del Libro y Exposiciones ’Black Mirror / Espejo Negro’ de Pedro Lasch

(nota sobre el libro en español abajo)

Following the production of the first segment of Pedro Lasch’s project for the AND AND AND Platform of Documenta 13 in September ( ), we are pleased to announce the international launch of the artist’s first book ‘Black Mirror / Espejo Negro.” The following cities and venues will hold launch events this fall, some of which will be accompanied by an exhibition of the works included in the book. Events for the Spring will be announced in January 2011.

The artist will be present at all of the following launches, in some cases, so will several of the book’s co-authors.

New York, NY, USA: Saturday November 6, 5-7pm, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery.

Durham, NC, USA: Wednesday November 10, 6-8pm, East Duke Building Gallery at Duke University

In conjunction with an exhibition of photographs from the ‘Black Mirror / Espejo Negro’ suites (Nov 4, 2010 - Mar 13, 2011).

Bogotá, Colombia: Sábado 13 de noviembre, 5-7pm, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO)

En coordinación con la exposición ‘Estéticas Decoloniales’ (9 nov - 15 dic de 2010).

London, UK: Friday November 19, 6-9pm, Stephen Lawrence Gallery

In conjunction with an exhibition of photographs from the ‘Black Mirror / Espejo Negro’ suites for the exhibition ‘Revolution and Diaspora’ (Oct 25 to Nov 28, 2010).

Manchester, UK: Monday November 22, (time TBA), Centre for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, University of Manchester

In conjunction with the artist talk ‘Naturalisations and Black Mirrors’.

Marseille, France: Wednesday November 24, 6-8pm, Galerie of Marseille.

Madrid, España: Martes 30 de noviembre, 3-5pm, Museo de Arte Reina Sofía.

En coordinación con el evento ‘Memorias Disruptivas’ de la ‘Red Conceptualismos del Sur’

A full description of the book in English and Spanish are included below, as well as a digital flyer with the cover image and an order form.

Copies of the bilingual book will be available for purchase at all launches. There will also be order forms to make orders by mail or online.

For more information or updates on launches, visit the above venues’ websites directly or these two links:

For more information on the Black Mirror / Espejo Negro project as a whole, visit:



Black Mirror/Espejo Negro

Pedro Lasch, editor

The provocative three-part project Black Mirror/Espejo Negro by the artist Pedro Lasch encompasses a museum installation, photographs of the installation, and this bilingual book, including many of the photos, the artist’s statement, and critical commentaries. The project began as an installation commissioned by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University to accompany the exhibition El Greco to Velázquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III. In a gallery adjacent to the exhibit of Spanish Golden Age masterpieces, Lasch placed black rectangular mirrors on the walls, each with an image of a Spanish Renaissance painting behind it. Pre-Columbian stone and ceramic figures, chosen by Lasch from the museum’s permanent collection of Meso-Ameri- can art, stood on pedestals facing toward each mirror and away from visitors entering the room. Viewers were drawn into a meditation on colonialism and spectatorship when, on looking into the black mirrors, they saw the pre-Columbian figures, seventeenth and eighteenth-century Spanish priests and conquistadores, themselves, and the contemporary gallery environment. The book Black Mirror/Espejo Negro includes full-color reproductions of thirty-nine photographs of the installation, as well as the text that Lasch wrote to accompany it. In short essays, scholars reflect on Lasch’s work in relation to current debates in art history and visual studies, race discourse, pre-Columbian studies, postcolonial theory, and de-colonial thought.

Contributors. Srinivas Aravamudan, Jennifer A. González, Pedro Lasch, Arnaud Maillet, Walter Mignolo, Pete Sigal

Pedro Lasch is an assistant research professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies at Duke University. He has shown his work in many venues, includ- ing the Queens Museum of Art, the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, the Royal College of Art (London), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico City), the Singapore Art Museum, and the Gwangju Biennale (South Korea).

Publication of the nasher MuseuM of art at Duke university anD the franklin huManities institute at Duke university, With aDDitional suPPort froM the Joan Mitchell founDation

2010. 128 pages, 41 color illustrations

978-0-938989-34-9, hardcover $35.00

Bilingual edition (English - Spanish)


Black Mirror / Espejo Negro

Pedro Lasch, Editor

Este provocador proyecto del artista Pedro Lasch se titula Black Mirror/Espejo Negro y comprende tres partes, una instalación museística, una serie fotográfica basada en la instalación y este libro bilingüe que incluye muchas de las fotografías, así como escritos del artista y comentarios críticos. El proyecto comenzó cuando el Nasher Museum comisionó la instalación para acompañar la exposición De El Greco a Velazquez: Arte Durante el Reinado de Felipe III. En una galería conjunta a esta muestra de obras maestras del barroco español, Lasch colocó grandes espejo negros rectangulares en la pared, cada uno con una imagen de un cuadro colonial detrás. Dieciséis esculturas antropomórficas precolombinas pertenecientes a la colección del museo y seleccionadas por Lasch, fueron puestas sobre pedestales, pero mirando hacia el espejo y mostrando su espalda a los visitantes de la galería. Después de algún tiempo de mirar estos espejos y las figuras en frente, el público entraba en una meditación sobre el colonialismo y el consumo del arte, ya que su propio cuerpo e imagen se veían colapsados en un mismo plano sobre el espacio de la galería, los retratos de conquistadores y religiosos del barroco y las figuras precolombinas. El libro Black Mirror/Espejo Negro incluye treinta y nueve fotografías a todo color, así como los textos escritos por el artista para acompañar la instalación. En ensayos cortos, académicos con distintas especializaciones refleccionan sobre la relación del trabajo de Lasch con debates sobre el arte contemporáneo, el discurso de la raza, el arte barroco y los estudios precolombinos, así como la teoría postcolonial y el pensamiento descolonial.

Contribuyentes: Srinivas Aravamudan, Jennifer A. González, Arnaud Maillet, Walter Mignolo, Pete Sigal

Pedro Lasch es profesor e investigador asistente en el Departamento de Arte, Historia del Arte, y Estudios Visuales de Duke University. Su obra se ha mostrado en muchos espacios internacionalmente, entre ellos el Queens Museum of Art, el Walker Art Center en Mineapolis, el Royal College of Art (Reino Unido), el Centro Nacional de las Artes (México), el Singapore Art Museum (Singapur), y la Gwangju Biennial (Corea del Sur).

Publicación de el Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University y el Franklin Humanities Institute de Duke University, con apoyo adicional de la Joan Mitchell Foundation.

Título: Black Mirror / Espejo Negro (no subtitle)

2010. 128 páginas, 41 ilustraciones a color

978-0-938989-34-9, tapa dura, US$35.00

Edición bilingüe: español-inglés

Pedro Lasch & TTGG @ dOCUMENTA(13) AND AND AND Platform / 9-11-2010

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Dear friends,

Today is the 9th anniversary of September 11, 2001. This message is sent out to you as we honor the countless lives lost to fear and violence since that tragic morning in New York. The organization of Twin Towers Go Global (TTGG), the artist run platform of AND AND AND, and the director and staff of dOCUMENTA(13) have chosen this symbolic day to launch a series of three special 9/11 anniversary reports (2010, 2011, 2012). Like all other projects in the AND AND AND series, these reports are part of dOCUMENTA(13).
After I recently accepted the challenge of serving as one of several artistic advisors to the Architecture and Engineering Committee of TTGG, and having already been in conversations for a few weeks with the AND AND AND platform, I proposed to both parties that we collaborate on a series of reports updating our various lists and networks on the yearly developments of the TTGG’s International Memorial Reconstruction, a monumental project that consists of the building of exact replicas of New York’s Twin Towers in different cities around the world.
You can here read my public acceptance as advisor to the TTGG’s Artists & Scholars Reinvent World Trade Program:
For all other information on the 9/11 Anniversary Reports, TTGG, the IMR, AND AND AND, or dOCUMENTA(13), please see the links included below.
Kind regards,
Pedro Lasch
About the First 9/11 Report at the AND AND AND Platform of dOCUMENTA(13)
For more information, visit the dOCUMENTA(13) site at:
Select English or German and see the 10.9.2010 entry:
The full English announcement can be found here:
…as well as the link to the complete First Anniversary Report in the series (6-pages):
For more information on AND AND AND, visit:
About TWIN TOWERS GO GLOBAL (TTGG)  and the International Memorial Reconstruction (IMR)
EMAIL (write INFO or SUBSCRIBE in your title):
For updates and information, you can join the facebook page TWIN TOWERS GO GLOBAL, or add George Cromley, Director of TTGG Media to your facebook friends list.
1 (866) 530 8765 (until end of September 2010)
1 (877) WTC 2012 (beginning October 2010)

Jul 16 to 20-London-Portman Gallery-TELEGETO (PT 1)-Curated by John Cussans

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Morpeth School, Portman Place (off Globe Road), London E2 OPX

An exhibition of video works by young people from the Grand Rue area of Port-
au-Prince, Haiti and sculptures made by pupils from Morpeth School under the
guidance of artists from Atis Rezistans, Haiti.
Curated by John Cussans

EXHIBITION July 16th - 20th
OPENING (with Pedro Lasch) Thursday, July 16th, 4pm - 8 pm
Opening times Thu. - Fri. 4 - 7 pm, Sat. 1- 6pm

To learn more about Portman Gallery and Morpeth School, visit:


Jul 8 to 12-London-Phantom Limbs

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Pedro Lasch Phantom Limbs

A series of installations, paintings, and drawings commemorating September 11, 2001.


IDEA Magazine (Issue #33-44) Evo in Istanbul & Naturalizations

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Issue #33-44 of Romanian art and theory magazine IDEA has just come out and it includes a full-color 20 page project related to the Naturalizations series (arhiva section), as well as a special poster and text related to the project ‘Evo in Istanbul’ (2009)

Lasch - Evo in Istanbul (2009)

Lasch - 'Poster for a Presidential Visit' from 'Evo in Istanbul' (2009)

Apr 28to29-London-Presentation at ‘Deschooling Society’-Hayward Gallery and Serpentine Gallery

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Purcell Room



Thursday 29 April 2010 - Friday 30 April 2010

This two-day conference brings together international artists, curators and writers to discuss and debate the changing relationship between art and education. Please note that a ticket for 29 April includes entry to both days of this conference.

Deschooling Society takes its title from Ivan Illich’s seminal 1971 book, one of the most influential radical critiques of the education system in Western countries. Issues at the heart of that critique have been increasingly debated within the art world in recent years, and the subject of education has attracted renewed attention from artists, curators and collectives. Pedagogical models are currently being explored, re-imagined and deployed by practitioners from around the world in highly diverse projects comprising laboratories, discursive platforms, temporary schools, participatory workshops and libraries. Simultaneously, progressive globalisation has led to a revaluing of the collective knowledge and agency of local communities.

Speakers have been invited to present critical ideas on collective and participatory practice, pedagogical experiments and how such art can be understood and discussed. The conference is a collaborative event marking the start of a Hayward Gallery research project culminating in the transformation of the gallery space into an alternative art school during summer 2012. It also addresses the urgent issues that have arisen from the Centre for Possible Studies, part of an ongoing Serpentine Gallery project in the Edgware Road neighbourhood, and is the second part of the Serpentine’s collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, following the conference Transpedagogy - Contemporary Art and the Vehicles of Education at MoMA in May 2009.


Thursday 29 April

10am Greetings and Introduction by Ralph Rugoff and Sally Tallant
10.15am Keynote lecture by Christopher Robbins ‘Escape from Politics - The Challenge of Pedagogy and Democratic Politics in the De/schooled Society’
10.45am Response and Q&A moderated by Sally Tallant
11.15am Panel discussion - ‘From Discursive Practices to the Pedagogical Turn’, with Carmen Moersch and Irit Rogoff, moderated by Sally Tallant.
1pm Break
2pm Dialogues - ‘Insertions, Alterations, and Rearrangements within Existing Institutional Frameworks’, with Tania Bruguera, Harrell Fletcher and Nils Norman. Opening statement and moderation by Claire Bishop.
3.30pm Break
4pm Presentations - ‘Pedagogy of Place - Self-Organized Education’, featuring Artschool UK, London, Free University Warsaw (Janek Sowa), 16 Beaver, New York (Pedro Lasch), The Public School, Brussels (Sonia Dermience), Experimental Drawing Class, London (Terry Smith), introduced by Rafal Niemojewski.
5pm End

Friday 30 April

10am Greetings
10.15am Keynote lecture by Martha Rosler
10.45am Martha Rosler in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
11.15am Panel discussion: Protest in Art School: Rituals of Power and Rebellion since the Sixties, with Dave Beech, Marion von Osten, Adrian Rifkin and Lisa Tickner, moderated by Cliff Lauson
1pm Break
2pm Dialogues - ‘Theatres of Education’, with Hannah Hurtzig, Suzanne Lacy and Pablo Helguera
3.30pm Break
4pm Presentations - ‘Pedagogy of Place - Local Models and Knowledges’, featuring Marcelo Expósito, Barcelona, Janna Graham, London, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Rotterdam, Pablo Helguera, New York, Gediminas Urbanos, Vilnus, introduced by Nicola Lees
5pm Summary by Paul O’Neill, closing statement by Ralph Rugoff, plenary session, questions from the audience
6pm End

Schedule subject to change

Podcasts from the conference will appear on the Hayward Gallery blog.

Apr 22-Art & Labour Summit: Cultural Workers, Artists, Students, and Interns Meet to Organise, Name Names, and Coordinate Demands

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Art & Labour Summit: Cultural Workers, Artists, Students, and Interns Meet to Organise, Name Names, and Coordinate Demands
Thursday April 22nd, 6pm-9pm
Cell Projects Space
258 Cambridge Heath Road,  London E2 9DA
Free entry and all welcome


We’d like you to join us for a special event and organisational party open to all who are interested in the better understanding and active transformation of the way art, free labour, and education work. Crises are moments of great opportunity, as we all know, and those defunding and devaluing our labour have been busy applying this knowledge.

We invite your active participation in an evening of events:

1. ‘Show and Tell’ - bring evidence of your current research, campaigns or projects dealing with art and labour to share with the group.
2. ‘Name and Shame’ - collectively create a map of power structures on the wall where we name our exploiters, quantify their exploits, draw the hidden or overt links between them and chart the ideas that legitimise their subsistence.
3. ‘Coordinate Demands’ - engage in small group discussions to identify your demands.
4. ‘Publish and Get Organised’ - we will end the evening by having a look at what we have created to decide where and how we want to publish a map of our most urgent demands and discuss the experimental, pragmatic and sustainable organisational techniques we can use to co-ordinate the next steps.

This event has been developed as a response and dialogue with the newspaper and website “Art Work: A National Conversation about Art, Labor, and Economics” recently published by Temporary Services. Pedro from 16 Beaver has brought forty free copies of the paper from the US to distribute to participants at the event in London, but you can also download the newspaper as pdf or read the articles online here:

This summit is co-organised by Carrot Workers Collective, Micropolitics Group, Lottie Child, Ecosophy Group, Temporary Services, Free School, Short Term Solutions, Independent Art School, ARTSCHOOL/UK, Sophie Hope and Pedro Lasch (16 Beaver)…

If you cannot attend the event, but would like to participate in the making of the map long-distance, just send us an email at the addresses below.

For any messages, comments, or questions related to this event, contact Sophie Hope - sophiehope[at], or Pedro Lasch - plasch[at]